Investigation Resources

Tips, techniques, references and useful information for conducting investigations
Accident Investigation Accident Investigation, Accident Reconstruction, Forensic Engineering, Associations
Background Checks Criminal History, Employee Screening, Right to work, Court Records, Information
Computer Investigation Computer Investigation, Computer Security, Software Tools, Virus Information, Encryption, Privacy & Anonymity, Associations, Emergency Response, Spy Software, Computer Monitoring
Corporate Investigation Business and Corporate Investigation, Employee Fraud & Theft, Intellectual Property, Associations, Employment Screening
Criminal Investigation Crime Scene, Criminology, Forensics, Photography, Criminal Justice
Debugging / TSCM Debugging, Electronic Countermeasures, Articles
Factual Investigations Interviews & Statements, Currently in development
Fire Investigation Fire Investigation, Arson, Fire Safety, Software, Detection Dogs, Associations
Insurance Investigation Insurance Investigation, Workers Compensation, Insurance Fraud, Insurance Research, Associations, Accreditation
Legal Investigation Legal Investigation, Legal Reference, Currently in Development
Private Investigator Private Investigation, Associations, Journals, Discussion Forums, Directories
Surveillance Surveillance,

It is handy to have a range of resources to turn to during an active investigation. Whether that be to discover a street view of a residence you will be conducting surveillance at, or whether you need to dig a little deeper for factual information. Discover the range of handy tools that may be useful to you during a wide range of investigations.