• People spend up to 3 hours per week devoted to sexual activities on the internet.
• 9.9% of men are addicted to sex and the internet.
• 6% of women are addicted to sex and the internet.
• 63% say online sexual activities do not have a positive effect on relationships.

According to a survey conducted by MSNBC in 2000, distraction is the key reason people turn to sexual pursuits on the internet. It’s easy, convenient, and private. They can explore fantasies and escape the daily routine.

Other surveys have placed the figure of those flirting on the internet as high as 57%, with 38% engaging in explicit online sexual conversation. What’s more worrying is that 50% had made phone contact with someone they’ve chatted with online.

The internet has given birth to a new breed of infidelity.

People are no longer stuck within the confines of the appearance, social status, or marital status. People can change their entire persona online, and lie to their hearts content. Married persons can appear single, or married with an open relationship. The struggling appear wealthy, short becomes tall, a few extra pounds becomes an athletic build, all without question.

Those choosing to be open about being married are prevalent as well, and seek out those willing to engage in an affair. One personals site in the United States, designed purely for people looking for affairs, has over 250,000 registered members. With as many as 30% of all people registered on personals sites being married, according to studies by the University of Florida, it is very clear that online infidelity is running rampant.

One reason that so many use the internet to stray is that they believe their actions can remain unchecked. They use the internet when no one else is watching, and try to cover their tracks by deleting cache and URL history regularly. They use free email accounts, checked only on the web, with the password protection giving them a sense of security. This belief however is false, and they can be easily caught out.

How do you find out if your spouse is cheating

Spy software, or computer monitoring software, is a very direct and efficient means of catching a cheating spouse. Unlike the real world where surveillance is an art – spy software simply records everything without question, and all without the users knowledge. It will record all keystrokes typed – including passwords, it will log all web sites visited, take snapshots of the screen much like a video camera, and record all chat conversations. If it’s done on a computer or the internet, it will be recorded. Different versions of spy software have vastly different capabilities, so if you’re considering monitoring software be sure to check the range of titles listed on this site for one that suits your needs.

If you choose to use spy software, be sure to prepare yourself for better or worse. It will provide you with very detailed information about your spouses activities online. This information may range from the innocent, through to the bizarre, and illegal. They will always assume their actions have been performed in complete secrecy, and without yours or any others knowledge, so the results can at times be quite shocking.

Simply put, you will find out everything your spouse is doing online, so be prepared!