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Think you have what it takes to be a PI?

If you have an interest in becoming a Private Investigator, you’ll find all the resources you need here to get started. From private investigator training courses, through licensing information, and even job classifieds, Net-Trace has you covered.

Investigative Careers Overview

Private Investigation is a broad term used to cover a range of investigative jobs in the private sector. There are many specialist areas within Private Investigation, and each requires a very different skill set.

Some of the more common areas include Surveillance and Factual Investigations (Interviewing and Fraud Investigation).

Unlike the movies, the majority of Private Investigators act on behalf of Companies and Government departments. Whilst certain companies and investigators will take on private jobs, they are for the most part avoided.

Most areas now require that you are licensed before you can act as a Private Investigator. Pre-requisites may include an approved training course and/or background check.

You do not need police experience to enter, or be successful, as a Private Investigator. The two are worlds apart.

There are only a limited number of jobs within the industry, and finding work without experience can be very difficult.

Private Investigator Training Courses

Even if not required for licensing in your neck of the woods, a course can give you a valuable insight into the skills required to conduct work as an Investigator. Basic courses are suited to those starting out, and are required to obtain a licence in many areas. Advanced courses are suited to those already working within the industry, and those looking for a leg-up to start their investigative career.

PI Training Schools

Investigator Licensing

The requirements for working as a Private investigator vary from state to state, and country to country. You should ensure that you are licensed, where required, before conducting any investigative work for which you are paid.

To learn more about licensing in Australia, follow the link below:

Private Investigator Licence – in Australia, by state.