Contributors Guidelines

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Having an article, news, or press release published on Net-Trace provides you with access to a wide ranging audience from both the Investigative community and general public. Established as Australia’s most visited Investigations site for over 18 years, you are ensured unparalleled industry exposure.

Net-Trace welcomes contributions from Investigation professionals, forensic experts, information brokers, training providers, legal professionals, researchers, and others affiliated with the Investigation industry. Product and Service providers to the Investigation industry are encouraged to product information and/or case studies for new items. Articles and other content are subject to editing for style, length, and accuracy of content. Please use the following guidelines when submitting articles:

Feature Articles:

  • Feature Articles should be 500-2000 words in length, and accompanied by suitable illustrations (photos, charts, etc). They should be written for an audience whose job tasks are investigation based, or for those with an interest in Investigations.
  • Articles should be objective. The writer should focus on an aspect of Investigation, a related field, new technology, research, legislation, and not on a specific product or service. Products and Services guidelines are catered for below.

Product/Service Information & Case Histories:

  • Submit only information on Products and Services that are publicly available. Preference will be given to products/services that have just entered the market or are relatively new to the on-line community. Submissions on the background, history, and objectives of Investigative Associations are also welcomed.
  • Article length should be 500-2000 words in length, and accompanied by a suitable illustrations (e.g. a photo of the product).
  • If you wish to provide case studies regarding a particular product or service, please follow the guidelines above.

Industry and Company News:

Items in this area should be submitted in the form of a press release. Examples of appropriate subjects include awards, conference information, upcoming events, new office openings, relocations, milestones, mergers, and any other information that affects the Investigative community.


Our preference is to receive information by email, with images or documents attached. Material can also be mailed with a preference for content provided on CD or DVD. Text should be provided in either ASCII text (.txt) or MS Word (.doc) format. Images should be provided electronically in either Gif or Jpeg format.


  • All material shall be credited to the author. An email address, Web Site address, other contact details, and a small profile should be provided for inclusion with all articles. A photo of the author is also welcomed.
  • Information based content, similar to that listed above, will generally be promoted to users via the front page of the site for an unspecified period. The article will then be archived and provided to users through other areas of the site.

Contact Details:

Send all materials via email using the details on the contact page.