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Monitoring Employee Internet Use

In a recent survey conducted by Websense and Harris Interactive, it was found that employees are using company internet connections an average of 3.4 hours a week for personal surfing. IT managers believed that figure is higher, and estimated personal...

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Signs your Spouse may be cheating online

The signs, or "red flags", listed here are common ways of helping to determine if your spouse is cheating on you online. Some will apply to the internet specifically, whilst others are more generic and apply to all forms of cheating. Note: With...

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How to catch a spouse cheating online

• People spend up to 3 hours per week devoted to sexual activities on the internet. • 9.9% of men are addicted to sex and the internet. • 6% of women are addicted to sex and the internet. • 63% say online sexual activities do not have a positive effect...

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Behavioural Interviewing Techniques

The suspect was sitting in the interview room of Flemington police station listening to my every word. I had arrested John on suspicion for the commission of 25 burglaries in the Flemington area. Now I had to prove it. Flemington is a heavily populated...

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The Surveillance Vehicle Cooler

For all of you Surveillance Operatives working in hot climates, here is an idea that will keep your surveillance van, car or four wheel drive cool. The system uses ice water circulating through a cooling element. Air is then drawn over the element and...

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