Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get my business listed?

Businesses at Net-Trace are listed in the Investigator Directory. To list your business, browse to the category most relevant to your business, then select the List Your Business link at the base of the page. Complete and submit the form, and your business/site will then be reviewed for inclusion.

Listings in the Private Investigator Directory are presently free.

How do I get my site listed?

The submission form for adding links to resource categories at Net-Trace is presently off-line. It shall return again shortly once the site upgrade is complete.

Will you help me find someone?

We are no longer active in locating people, nor do we have the time to provide assistance. Please try the directory for companies offering people search services, or try some of the excellent free resources listed on our people search page.

Will you conduct an investigation for me?

No. We do not have the time to take on any investigative work due to other commitments. There are many excellent investigators who would be more than happy to conduct an investigation on your behalf, and these can be found in the private investigator section of the directory.

Why are certain sections of Net-Trace not working properly?

Net-Trace has recently changed servers, and the site is now being upgraded. All dynamic areas of the site are being completely rebuilt and will return to normal functionality shortly. The site is also undergoing a long overdue facelift.